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Cold Glue Systems

For continuous delivery of liquid adhesives under suitable pressure: pumps for cold glue systems. Innovative solutions - precise and economical.

Our comprehensive range of application heads offers the right solution for every system.

Pressure tanks with capacities of 1 to 40 litres are used for simple, cost-effective supply of low-viscosity materials at low pressures of up to 6 bar.

Xmelt Components

Xmelt hot melt units are combined with Xmelt hot melt hoses and application heads to form a hot melt application system. The entire Xmelt series has consistently gone for energy efficiency since its launch in 2006.

The tank, the hose, the melting method and, last not least, the fast-switching Xmelt application heads consistently save adhesive, energy and money. Baumer hhs offers all-round insulation for your hot melt application heads – also for retrofitting.

Thanks to a reduced surface area, less energy is required for heating. That not only saves time, but is also gentle on the adhesive and the seals, as well as on the environment.




This technology permits the exchange of target and actual values between the Xmelt melter, the hoses and the application heads. The melter detects all hoses and heads that are connected. Each one transmits its history and permissible parameters.

Thanks to this information, the Xmelt melter can optimally adjust system parameters, such as heating algorithms, to the connected heads and hoses. Additionally, our InterActive technology supports external communication. You as the user can make changes on your computer, and even online via the Internet. If you so wish, Baumer hhs, too, can detect problems in this way, and possibly resolve them.