Man-Roland 705 3B (2004)

BandAge: 2004

BandMax.Size: 104 x 74 cm (40 x 29 inch)

BandColors: 5

BandCounter: 66 mio

BandAvailability: Immediately

Man-Roland 705 3B

Man Roland 705 3B
Year 2004
ONLY 66 mio Impressions (12.02.24)
Straight Machine
MaxBandpaper size: 740x1040 mm
MinBandpaper size: 340x480 mm
Image area: 715x1020 mm
Plate size: 790x1030 mm
Speed: 16.000 s/h
RCI 2 Ink Control Remote Job Card
CCI colour regulation
Semi Automatic Plate Change
Roland Dampening System
Densitometer Techkon
Techkon Presslink with Closed-Loop and Dynamic Presetting Ink
DPM (Display Press Monitoring Software)
Automatic washing devices (rollers, blanket, cylinders)
Powder Spray Grafix Cantronic 3000
Electronic double sheet control
Electronic side lay control
TECHNOTRANS refrigeration and recirculation
Ink temperature control
Insonorgraf (soundproof cabin)
Machine Visible in Production
Machine Avaiable on 03/2023

Price: On Request

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