Master Bag 350 (New)

BandAge: New

BandMax.Size: 71 x 31 cm (27 x 12 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

Master Bag 350

Macchina per Sacchetti di Carta
Master Bag 350
Lunghezza Sacchetto 160-715 mm
Larghezza Sacchetto 70-350 mm
Altezza Bocca Sacchetto 15/20 mm
Spessore Carta 35-80 g/m2
Velocità Max 50-720 pz/min 5-120 m/min

Larghezza Rotolo 100-980mm
Diametro Rotolo 200-1000mm
Diametro Rotolo Interno 76 mm
Larghezza Film 50-240 mm
Spessore Film 0.012-0.037 mm
Diametro Max Film 500mm
Paper Bag Machine
Master Bag 350
Bag length 160-715 mm
Bag width 70-350 mm
Bag mouth height 15/20 mm
Paper Thickness 35-80 g/m2
Max speed 50-720 pcs/min 5-120 m/min

Roll Width 100-980mm
Roll diameter 200-1000mm
Internal roll diameter 76 mm
Film width 50-240 mm
Film thickness 0.012-0.037 mm
Max Film Diameter 500mm

Price: On Request

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